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  The RBT Club AGM (Members only)   please Contact Secretary; J. Huxley
Tel: 01226 285822  e-mail
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The Russian Black Terrier Club (U.K.   The Russian Black Terrier Club (U.K.) - was formed in 1998 - The Inaugural General Meeting was April 1999 Our 1st Annual General Meeting was on Sunday 20th February 2000 The title 'Russian Black Terrier Club' was accepted by the Kennel Club May 2000 R.B.T. Interim Breed Standard the club submitted was accepted 1st September 2000 The Kennel Club General Committee agreed to transfer the Russian Black Terrier from the Imported Breeds Register to the Breed Register with effect from 1st July 2004.
PATRON Mr Ron Carter   Officers and Committee of the Russian Black Terrier Club.
Vice Chairman Mr Andy Searson
Home OKay Carlin
Mme Chairperson   Mrs Kay Carter-Simms 
Mrs Linda Newton
 Mrs Linda Searson
Lisa Bridges
Assistant Secretary  Josie Bunting
President Mr Tom Huxley (Web Site Co-ordinator)
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              Pat Moncur
Membership Secretary Sharon Atkinson
Tom Rigby
Mrs Angela Smith Hon Secretary  Mrs Janet Huxley
Paul  Perks
Ian Rigby